"At only £24 you'd be CRAZY not to have it!"
Louise Bickerstaffe, Welwyn Garden City
JANE SCANLON, Aberdovy:“I don't ride much but all my kids do and it's good to know they're covered - especially with private medical treatment."
LIZ MASTERSON, Bradford:“I've started cycling to get fit and I like the back-up that TCA provides. It gives me more confidence to get out there and ride!"
MICHAEL STEELE, Plymouth:“We've got 3 kids and 7 bikes in total in our family and I really like the fact that they're all covered by one TCA membership."
TONY HARRIES, Cambridge:“Simon at TCA guided me through a very traumatic time after my accident. From start to finish it was excellent."
CARLA SHERIDAN, Edinburgh:“I ride to work every day and there's a lot of traffic, so it's good to know I'm covered and so is my bike if anyone bashes into me."
SAEED ASHOKH, Lincoln:“My bike is worth more than £5,000 and if some idiot totals it I can't afford to replace it, so this cover that will replace it is superb."
Total Cycle Assist | So good you'd be crazy not to!
What is TCA cover?

• It's not insurance, it's an annual
  membership scheme packed with
  benefits you really need

• Saves you from paying any of your
  bike repair costs (or bike replacement
  costs if your bike gets written off) after
  a non-fault cycling accident

• Gives you multi-bike Europe-wide
  cycling accident response cover

• Covers your whole family including
  all your children of all ages

• Removes all the hassle when you
  need to claim

• Gives you and your family the
  professional service you won't get
  from any home insurance provider.

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Why do you need it?

• The need for the benefits and support
  we provide is very real: every year in
  the UK 133,000 cyclists are involved
  in an accident that isn't their fault.

• If you have home insurance, it's easy
  to believe it gives you the cycling cover
  you need - but it doesn't.

• The average bike repair bill is £170,
  but can be a lot more depending on
  what kind of bike you have. As our
  member you won’t pay any of it after
  a non-fault accident.

• The average cost to replace a bike is
  £500+. With us you won’t pay any of it
  after a non-fault accident.

• We recover our costs from the at-fault
  party, not from you or your insurer.

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What do you get for £24?

You get all these benefits:

• Multi-bike cover
• Multi-person full-family cover
• Cover all your children of all ages
• Covers all types of bike
• Covers any bike of any value
• 12 months' cover
• Pays 100% of your bike repairs*
• Brand new replacement bike*
• Professional cycle repair*
• 24/7 freephone helpline
• Physiotherapy treatment*
• Bypasses NHS waiting lists for you*
• Expert legal support
• Special member discounts

* In the event of an accident that's not your fault. If you are at fault, in some cases we can still provide assistance, including expert legal advice.

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Assist Protect, the power behind Total Cycle Assist, is trusted to provide cover by organisations across sectors throughout the UK, including:
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